“YWCP has great teachers and a nice community. My daughter loved it!”


“My daughter attended Arietta before she auditioned for Prelude. Arietta is a great way to introduce my daughter to music. Samantha taught the girls how to sing through playing and activities. The girls are always so happy before and after class. It is a really good way to train our children to be independent and […]


“My daughter loved Arietta! It was a great introduction to music and singing. She enjoyed the singing and learned so much!”


“Thank you for helping girls like me experience such great artistry.”


“I want to thank all my friends and especially my chorus director for always being there for me.”


“Thank you for creating such an amazing community and teaching us not only to be better musicians but also better people.”


“As I watch my daughter grow into a young woman, I feel grateful that YWCP is there to reminder her that what matters most is to feel passion and enthusiasm for whatever she tackles in life.”


“This organization does not just create singers, but helps nurture and form the great women of tomorrow that will use their voices to change the world for the better.”


“YWCP taught me how to stand up for myself, find community, and most importantly, how to find hope and joy in the world.”


“Though the people in the group change, YWC itself has had the same mission it always has – to not only teach, but to remind young women that they are talented, passionate, empathetic, loving, unique, and strong.”