• Martín Benvenuto Artistic Director and Head of Staff

    Artistic Director and Head of Staff Martín Benvenuto is one of the leading choir conductors in the San Francisco Bay Area
    and beyond who specializes in treble choral music.

  • Gemma Arguelles Vivo Chorus Director

    Vivo Chorus Director Gemma Arguelles celebrates over thirty years of service as music educator and choir director in Bay Area institutions and in the Philippines.

  • Samantha Maas-Baldwin Allegro Chorus & Arietta Singers Director and Program Manager

    Allegro Chorus & Arietta Singers Director Samantha Maas-Baldwin has been teaching music in the Bay Area for over 15 years.

  • Katie Jenks Prelude Chorus and Dolce Singers Director

    Prelude Chorus and Dolce Singers Director Katie Jenks is a TK-5th grade music teacher in the Oakland Unified School District and has a master’s degree in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis from Holy Names University.

  • Sian Wittke Young Women's Chorus Assistant Conductor

    Young Women’s Chorus Assistant Conductor Sian Wittke, a Berklee College of Music graduate, has been teaching chorus and music for over 8 year.

  • Kaneez Munjee Managing Director

    Managing Director Kaneez Munjee comes to YWCP with over a decade of experience in arts management.

  • Sheyma Perez Program Assistant

    Program Assistant Sheyma Perez is a Communication Studies major with over 5 years of experience with children.

  • Margaret Halbig Advanced Theory Instructor and Pianist

    Pianist Margaret Halbig holds a DMA from University of California at Santa Barbara and is part of the accompanying and vocal coaching staff at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

  • Joseph Fanvu Theory Instructor & Pianist

    Holding degrees in both Piano Performance and Choral Conducting, Joe Fanvu has over 30 years of experience in choral music.

  • Franz Zhao Pianist

    Franz Zhao holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

  • Jefferson Packer Pianist

    Jefferson Packer has been active as a collaborative pianist and baritone since moving to San Francisco over two decades ago.

Vocal Faculty 

  • Janet Campbell
    Janet Campbell Vocal Faculty (Peninsula)
  • Audrey Howitt
    Audrey Howitt Vocal Faculty (East Bay)
  • Karen Carle Irwin
    Karen Carle Irwin Vocal Faculty (San Francisco)
  • Sally Munro
    Sally Munro Vocal Faculty (San Francisco)