• Susan McMane Artistic/Executive Director

    Artistic and Executive Director Susan McMane is a world-renowned choral conductor specializing in treble choral music.

  • Gemma Arguelles Vivo Chorus Director

    Vivo Chorus Director Gemma Arguelles celebrates over thirty years of service as music educator and choir director in Bay Area institutions and in the Philippines.

  • Sian Wittke Interim Allegro Chorus Director

    Interim Allegro Chorus Director Sian Wittke, a Berklee College of Music graduate, has been teaching chorus and music for over 7 year.

  • Danelle Johnson Allegro Chorus Director and Advanced Theory Teacher

    Allegro Chorus Director Danelle Johnson brings over 25 years of experience in choral music and singing to YWCP.

  • Samantha Maas-Baldwin Prelude Chorus & Arietta Singers Director and Program Manager

    Prelude Chorus & Arietta Singers Director Samantha Maas-Baldwin has been teaching music in the Bay Area for over 15 years.

  • Katie Jenks Dolce Singers Director

    Dolce Singers Director Katie Jenks is a TK-5th grade music teacher in the Oakland Unified School District and has a master’s degree in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis from Holy Names University.

  • Kaneez Munjee Managing Director

    Managing Director Kaneez Munjee comes to YWCP with over a decade of experience in arts management.

  • Celestine Ratsch-Rivera Rehearsal Coordinator

    Rehearsal Coordinator Celestine Ratsch-Rivera joins YWCP with over 15 years of experience as a choral singer.

  • Joseph Fanvu Theory Instructor & Pianist

    Holding degrees in both Piano Performance and Choral Conducting, Joe Fanvu has over 30 years of experience in choral music.

  • Margaret Halbig Pianist

    Pianist Margaret Halbig holds a DMA from University of California at Santa Barbara and is part of the accompanying and vocal coaching staff at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

  • Jefferson Packer Pianist

    Jefferson Packer has been active as a collaborative pianist and baritone since moving to San Francisco over two decades ago.

  • Jeanette Tietze Pianist

    Jeanette Tietze holds music degrees from the Vienna Hochschule, San Francisco State University, and Holy Names University.

Vocal Faculty 

  • Janet Campbell
    Janet Campbell Vocal Faculty (Peninsula)
  • Audrey Howitt
    Audrey Howitt Vocal Faculty (East Bay)
  • Karen Carle Irwin
    Karen Carle Irwin Vocal Faculty (San Francisco)
  • Sally Munro
    Sally Munro Vocal Faculty (San Francisco)