Our Choirs

YWCP offers four choir levels—Prelude Chorus, Allegro Chorus, Vivo Chorus and the Young Women’s Chorus.

Each choir level has its own curriculum and musical objectives. Based upon an audition, a singer is placed in a chorus appropriate for her age, vocal maturity and music reading ability. The grade levels are approximate markers, and some flexibility is given to certain situations. 

We also offer Non-Auditioned Classes for girls ages 4-8: Dolce Singers and Arietta Singers.

All YWCP ensembles teach young women substantial music skills and through the study of music, each chorister learns important life lessons such as confidence, focus, self-discipline, problem solving, responsibility and teamwork. We welcome non-binary choristers who sing in a treble range.

A singer in our training choirs is promoted to the next level based upon her musical growth during the year. Acceptance into the highest level, YWC, requires a successful audition in which the young woman demonstrates readiness for learning challenging repertoire, and performing with advanced vocal skill and professionalism.

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Prelude Chorus

For singers in grades 2 – 6

Allegro Chorus

For singers in grades 4-8

Vivo Chorus

For singers in grades 6-12

Young Women’s Chorus

For singers in grades 7-12