Now Auditioning for our Spring Semester! January – June 2024

Membership in one of YWCP choruses requires an audition.


From your audition, the YWCP music faculty will determine which of our ensembles is the best fit for your age, vocal maturity and music reading ability.

Email [email protected] for more information or with questions.

We welcome non-binary choristers who sing in a treble range.

To find out more about YWCP Ensembles, click here and watch our What is YWCP? video.

We also offer 2 non-auditioned classes for girls ages 4-8: Dolce Singers and Arietta Singers.

Ready to Audition?


What We Are Looking For

Some singers like to know what we are looking for in an audition, so we put this list together to explain each level’s requirements.

A successful audition for Prelude Chorus requires:

  • A natural, free singing voice
  • Good intonation (pitch)
  • Singing “Happy Birthday” from the given pitch
  • Enthusiasm for performing

A successful audition for Allegro Chorus:

  • All Prelude Chorus requirements, plus
  • Healthy, free vocal production
  • Ability to identify treble clef note names
  • Ability to sing basic rhythms at sight
  • Some choral experience

A successful audition for Vivo Chorus:

  • All Allegro Chorus requirements, plus
  • A maturing, confident vocal tone
  • Ability to recognize basic music symbols
  • Ability to sing a new melody with relative ease
  • Experience in part-singing in a choral setting

A successful audition for Young Women’s Chorus:

  • All Vivo Chorus requirements, plus
  • Knowledge of key and time signatures
  • Ability to sing melodies in major and minor keys at sight
  • Ability to learn music on your own at home
  • Advanced vocal technique

Email [email protected] for more information or with questions.

  • Singing in YWCP has given me a greater understanding of who I am as a young woman in this world, showing me that regardless of what society says, I truly can make a difference with my voice

    Aria YWC chorister
  • It is a gift to have a conductor who wants to learn about the singers as people as much as teach them music.

    Esmé Vivo chorister
  • YWC reminded me of the importance of working together to achieve something beautiful. That feeling, being a part of something so much bigger than just you, is beyond magical.

    Kaitlyn YWC Chorister