YWCP COVID-19 Health Safety Plan

(as of August 15, 2023)

The Young Women’s Choral Projects prioritizes the health and safety of its choristers, staff, families, patrons and guest artists. As the COVID situation evolves, our approach will evolve as well; however, since singing is a higher risk activity, some of our protocols are more conservative to create the safest choral experience we can. 


Given the current low level of COVID-19 transmission in San Francisco and neighboring counties, YWCP does not require masking during YWCP activities. Choristers may wear masks depending on their individual comfort level.

YWCP will continue to monitor the case rates in the community, and reserve the right to amend this policy in the future as needed to protect YWCP staff and choristers.


Before arriving at YWCP, we ask that singers do a self-screening for symptoms of illness. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness (frequent coughing, runny nose, sneezing, fever) should not come to rehearsal. If your child has allergies and not other COVID symptoms, they may attend rehearsal. Please inform the Rehearsal Coordinator if you are sending your child with any non-contagious symptoms that could be misinterpreted as COVID-19.

Please be aware that all YWCP programming is in-person and no online options currently exist.


As of this point, we do not require COVID testing before rehearsals, classes or performances.